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Recital, Edinburgh, 24 August 2006
Jonas Kaufmann, Tenor, Helmut Deutsch, Piano
The atmosphere at this concert crackled with excitement; Jonas Kaufmann and Helmut Deutsch held the audience mesmerised for almost two hours, from the Schubert extended ballad, 'Die Bürgschaft' - which requires a singer of Kaufmann's calibre to maintain the dramatic expression required by the narrative - until the end of their encore. The second half was entirely by Richard Strauss, and was excellent with Kaufmann's meticulous technique most obvious during Benjamin Britten's 'Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo' although he displayed his wonderful characterisation and vocal power throughout the programme. Deutsch's piano accompaniment was both dramatic and sympathetic; when it rested, I held my breath as Kaufmann sang on alone, with a glorious beauty. These two great artists presented a morning of extraordinary music.
The Queen's Hall, 24 Aug, 11:00am (12:45pm)
tw rating 5/5 [lr]

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