Il Ritorno di Ulisse in patria, DVD

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1 - Of the other roles the two that stand out are Telemaco (Ulisse's son), sung by Jonas Kaufmann, and Minerva, sung by Isabel Rey (who also takes the role of Amore in the Prologue). Kaufmann has a youthful clarity of voice. His duet with Henschel when Ulisse first returns to Ithaca and appears to Telemaco as himself (being normally disguised as an old beggar), at the end of Act One is ravishing."

2 - Stimmlich luxuriös und szenisch überzeugend zwischen Zweifel und jugendlichem Feuer hin- und herschwankend, gerät auch Jonas Kaufmanns Telemaco.

3 - ....but only the final scene is lacking in the passion that Jonas Kaufmann so effortlessly finds in their son Telemaco.
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