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Blog: Solang nicht aller Tage Abend
Münchner Lohengrin auf 3Sat
Blog: The Voice Box
... about Carmen Milano...
Blog: Standpoint Magazine, Blogs: Jessica Duchen
... CD of the year: Jonas Kaufmann's Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Wagner disc, which had me flat out on the floor gasping with delight. In German, it is entitled Sehnsucht. They couldn't translate the word for the UK release, it seems, but you only need to listen to the CD to understand the meaning. It's not only the voice, although that's glorious enough: most of all, it's the way he inhabits his characters. You feel you are listening to Tamino, Florestan, Lohengrin et al in person - almost as if this was how the composers themselves must have imagined them. They're ideal and real at the same time. And I don't care if he has signed an advertising deal with BMW. I should, but I don't. Let's just call it BWV instead. (I also don't really care that the guest chorus for Parsifal is atrociously, spectacularly flat - whoever passed that for release?!? It's the last thing on the disc, though, so you can get past it by switching off just in time.)...
Blog: Dietari operístic (katalanisch)
Qui és, sens dubte, un Don José d’alçada és Jonas Kaufmann, a qui per fi he sentit en directe. I val a dir que no només supera el que ja havia escoltat en disc i DVD, sinó que el seu cant fa aixecar literalment de la cadira. No es pot demanar més en generositat expressiva, en elegància de línia i en poder vocal projectat i emès amb entrega i emoció desbordades. A més, interpreta “La fleur que tu m’avais jetée” respectant fil per randa la partitura, pianíssim del si bemoll sobre el “toi” inclòs. Si hi unim una prestació teatral envejable, ja tenim la unió perfecta perquè el tenor alemany sigui, ara com ara, el milor Don José dels que circulen (no n'hi ha tants!) arreu del món.
Blog: El blog de Atticus
Blog: Wanderer's Blog
CARMEN secondo Emma Dante e Barenboim alla Scala
Blog: Di tanti pulpiti.
Recensione della Carmen di Bizet alla Scala di Milano: ovviamente semiseria.
Blog: Le blog du Wanderer
CARMEN à la Scala: premières impressions TV
CARMEN à la Scala, direction Barenboim, avec Jonas Kaufmann et Anita Rachvelishvili (10 décembre)
Blog: On my own
Et j'étais une chose à toi........
Blog: World of music
opening night at la scala
Blog: Chorier - Mes passions et mes coups de coeur !
Jonas Kaufmann a sauvé Carmen
... Les chanteurs ne sont pas toujours dignes du temple du bel canto milanais à l'exception - ce n'était pas une surprise - du sensationnel Don José de Jonas Kaufmann, incontestablement le meilleur interprète actuel ! Il a osé un si bémol piano à la fin de son air de fleur respectant ainsi, à la lettre, la partition telle que Bizet l'a écrite....
Blog: mostly opera
CD: Jonas Kaufmann excels with Die Schöne Müllerin
Blog: Blog de pecho (, Rubén Amón
Kaufmann desafía a Wagner (über die CD "Sehnsucht"
Fotos von einem Blog, die ich nicht mehr zuordnen kann:

Bad Urach, 6. Oktober 2009
Blog: Dich teure Halle
Neu in meinem Musikregal: Schubert "Die Schöne Müllerin" Jonas Kaufmann
es ist zum verrückt werden: seit ich mir die Neuaufnahme der "schönen Müllerin" gekauft habe, läuft das Lied "Trockene Blumen" in Endloswiederholung, ich bin zu ergriffen, um den Aus-Knopf am CD-Gerät zu finden...........weiter lesen
Blog: Christian Chorier, Mes passions et mes coups de coeur !
Jonas Kaufmann, un ténor qui sait ce que le mot chanter veut dire!
Blog: Dich teure Halle
Jonas Kaufmann Operngala Baden-Baden 22.10.2009
Blog: Rossignols
BSO: Lohengrin am 18. Oktober
BSO: Lohengrin am 25. Oktober 2009
Webseite von Eleonore Moser
"Lohengrin" von Richard Wagner am 15. Oktober 2009 an der Bayerischen Staatsoper
Blog: Philip Kennicott
Don Carlo at the Royal Opera
Blog: Opera is magic!
Erfullung der Sehnsucht - Jonas Kaufmann in Dusseldorf
(excerpt).... I am so in awe you wouldn't believe it... i mean i saw the entire Carlo run..... and one week later i come out of this concert turned somehow upside down and inside out.... i've never ever experienced such a thing.... nor did i ever expect to be so touched by a concert… I thought i knew how Jonas sounds and what he can do.... i am so glad he proved me wrong again!...
Über Don Carlo, London
Blog: Gertsamtkunstwerk
Don Carlo - instant reaction (Vorstellung 1. Oktober 2009)
Webseite: Musicweb International
Auszug aus einem Interview mit Simon Keenlyside
"I like this slightly longer version [Don Carlo: Modena, 1886] of the Italian very much if you’ve got a tenor strong enough to do it, and honestly the audience are in for a fabulous treat with Jonas because – we know him from Tosca, and we know his reputation, but in this piece he is without compare. He is absolutely fantastic in it. He has elasticity, he has ample volume, he has the character and I’m really looking forward to watching the audience have the privilege of hearing him. A strong way of putting it, but its true.” I point out that Kaufman has also entered the consciousness of the country via his opera albums (which have attained a similar popularity to Keenlyside’s ‘Tales of Opera’). “It is remarkable to have a star who is worth his weight in gold. He’s the real deal. He’s a good actor, he’s a fabulous singer, a good colleague”.
Blog: Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Don Carlo, Royal Opera, September 2009 (dress rehearsal)
Blog: The Teenage Theatre Critic
Don Carlo (Royal Opera)
Blog: Opera is magic
Don Carlo, ROH
More Don Carlo ROH...
Don Carlo ROH ...from the heart
Blog: Intermezzo
Royal Opera House's Don Carlo faces the Inquisition (mit Fotos)
Wie jetzt im Mai (Zurich, 2009)
Le hasard a fait que dans un week-end à Zurich motivé par les représentations d'Agrippina et de Rigoletto est venu se glisser impromptu une matinée de lieder par Jonas Kaufmann et Helmut Deutsch, laquelle restera nettement le plus grand moment du séjour.....
Blog: Opera is magic!
Liedermatinee Jonas Kaufmann Helmut Deutsch
Zürich, 24. Mai 2009
Und es blitzten die Stars/über Tosca in Berlin
Diverse Blogs zu den "Classical Brit Awards"
Blog: Gertsamtkunstwerk
The Crossover Brits - on reflection
The Red Carpet at the Crossover Brits
Blog: Intermezzo
Classical Brits - the edited lowlights
Jonas! He's not really yellow, that's just me. He made no concessions whatsoever to the cheesy format, just sang E lucevan le stelle and La donna è mobile with the same passion and style he would at Covent Garden. And he sounded magnificent despite the miking.
Blog: Underbelly
Kaufmann's Carmen (Carmen London auf DVD)
... Or I suppose you could say "directress." Much has been made of the fact that this is a woman's Carmen, but if so, it is all the more ironic that the runaway success of the performance is Jonas Kaufmann as Don José who just owns this show from curtain to curtain: I've never seen anyone come close to squeezing so much juice out of this clueless, benighted and hormone-driven young nee'er-do-well. Maybe the remorseless combination of blind lust and masculine dopiness is something only a woman (director) could undertand. Whatever: Kaufmann has it nailed, with all the qualities of emotion and character that you are just never going to find in, say, that prince of all operatic tenors, Placido Domingo....
complete review
Cavaradossi pur, Tosca, Wien, 12. Mai 2009
Nun war erstmalig ein wirklicher Cavaradossi an der Wiener Staatsoper zu erleben. In der zum Glück seit Jahrzehnten bestehenden stimmigen Inszenierung von Margarethe Wallmann konnte man endlich Jonas Kaufmann als Cavaradossi sehen und hören. In den etwa 80 "Tosca"-Vorstellungen, die ich in dieser Inszenierung sah, war mir doch nie zuvor ein solch herrlicher Cavaradossi begegnet.

Jonas Kaufmann ist in jeder Hinsicht als großartig zu bezeichnen, denn sein Tenor überzeugt mit ungemein strahlender Höhe, sein Piano ist sattelfest und seine baritonale Tiefe klingt erotisch. Er hat edle Gesichtszüge und sieht damit aus wie ein römischer Gott, dazu gesellt sich seine engagierte, jungenhafte Darstellung. Alles Attribute, die man in dieser Gemeinsamkeit hier noch nie zuvor wahrnehmen konnte. Ein Sänger seines Formats ist ein Glück für die Oper, denn nur mit solchen Protagonisten kann die Oper überleben......
complete review
Blog: Opera is magic!
Music trip Wien… one more Tosca, same Cavaradossi :-), Tosca, Wien, 9. Mai 2009
.... But boy does he siiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! This is the single most beautiful Recondita armonia I have ever heard…. And unbelievable to all, it ended in the most amazing endless descrescendo! And throughout the entire first act the romantic and fluid tempi were a perfect match for the lovers quarrel and play. So much so that from the first notes of the Recondita at least half the orchestra members decided they wanted to see part of the show as well. Anyone who wasn’t busy with their fingers was twisting their necks to see and hear him on stage and I couldn’t stop smiling and gloating at their pleased and enchanted looks. Quite a couple actually got up from their chairs in desperate attempts to see him while singing, trying at the same time to not be visible for the entire public. It was so entertaining to watch the reaction of the members of the orchestra! And after Recondita they all started applauding.....
complete review
Blog: Mostly Opera
Jonas Kaufmann liederabend: Unforgettable, Kopenhagen 6. Mai 2009
... As an interpretist, Jonas Kaufmann is of the straight-forward as opposed to the wringing-sentimental type. And thanks for that. Not that he does not add to or give of himself in this selection of songs starting out with Schuberts rather long drama "Die Bürgschaft" to be followed by a completely superb Dichterliebe. Superbly suited to Richard Strauss´songs, already proven on his earlier (read: before he became famous) highly acclaimed disc of Richard Strauss lieder, he delievered completely smashing interpretations, culminating with Cäcilie. Can these songs be performed better? I really do not think so.

Malicious voices have it that Jonas Kaufmann is about looks rather than substance. Do not believe them. He has everything. Is Jonas Kaufmann not the preeminent tenor on stage today? Does these things matter? Of course they don´t. But really he is...
complete review
Der Tenor des Jahrhunderts
"Manon" von Jules Massenet, Vorstellung vom 30. April 2009 in der Wiener Staatsoper
.... Als Chevalier Des Grieux zeigt Jonas Kaufmann alle seine Vorzüge, die er im Übermaß besitzt. Da ist diese maskuline Tiefe, die melancholische Mittellage und die glanzvolle Höhe seiner Stimme. Wie er vom zärtlichsten und gefühlvollsten Piano in der nächsten Sekunde zur metallisch strahlenden Höhe wechselt, das ist immens eindrucksvoll. Zusätzlich verfügt er über attraktives Aussehen; dank durchtrainierter muskulöser Figur und schönem Gesicht zeigt er sich mit soviel Sex-Appeal ausgestattet, dass sogar George Clooney und Hugh Jackman neben ihm verblassten. Dazu gesellt sich sein in Gesten und Blicken extrem glaubhaftes Spiel. Man nimmt ihm diesen Des Grieux in jeder Sekunde ab. Jonas Kaufmann besitzt alle denkbaren Trümpfe und ist für mich der Tenor des Jahrhunderts....
complete review
Blog: Opera is magic!
How to live off music and romance (Wien&Manon all in 12h), Manon Wien, 26. April 2009
über Manon in Wien
Blog: Operadream
Tosca Zürich
...Jonas Kaufmann má roli Cavaradossiho již zažitou, mimochodem v ní koncem dubna vystoupí i ve Vídni. Velmi střídmým, civilním, ale naprosto přesvědčivým a hluboce působivým hereckým projevem zobrazuje impulzivního zamilovaného mladíka, plného ideálů. Nejdojemnější je v posledním dějství, kdy místo obvyklé scény psaní dopisu na rozloučenou zoufalými pohyby maluje křídou na zeď vězení do rytmu hudby portrét Toscy. Občas její nedokončenou tvář pohladí , dotkne se jejích rtů a v těchto letmých gestech je vyjádřeno tolik lásky, něhy a zoufalství, že se málokdo ubrání slzám. Během celé této scény je Jonas Kaufmann otočen k publiku zády, možná proto je vše ale ještě působivější. Jonase Kaufmanna jsem v Curychu také slyšela poprvé živě a hned mi bylo jasné, že to rozhodně nebude poslední setkání s tímto sympatickým pěvcem. Má velmi příjemné baritonální zabarvnení hlasu, které vynikne zejména ve střední poloze, a nádherné znělé výšky. Nejvíce mě ale zaujala výrazová hloubka jeho projevu. Nejvíce to vyniklo v závěrečném dějství. Slavnou árii E lucevan le stelle jsem ještě nikdy neslyšela v tak působivém podání. První část árie zpívá Kaufmann něžným pianissimem, druhou část již zpívá naplno, přičemž dokáže bez jakýchkoliv přídavných efektů vyjádřit bezmezné zoufalství a touhu po životě. Pokud jsem si tedy myslela, že vrcholem opery pro mě osobně bude dějství druhé, tak jsem se mýlila, protože díky výkonu Jonase Kaufmanna mě třetí dějství strhlo možná i o něco víc.....
Blog: Where's Runnicles
Royal Opera House 2009/10 Season
So, what stands out? Well, first things first, the season opener (a previous concert performance notwithstanding) is Don Carlos. This is a revival of Hytner's superb production of last June, to which we gave a relatively enthusiastic review (this may be understating it somewhat). The big change is that we get Jonas Kaufmann in place of Villazon in the title role. Given he was one of the weak links last time round (and there was a sense that Pappano was having to hold the orchestra back so as not to overwhelm him), this is very good news indeed.
Blog: Opera is magic!
Tosca Zurich, it's not just about the music!
Blog: Mostly Opera
Zurich Tosca: Magee, Kaufmann and Hampson in (too) stylish Carsen production
...Despite the presence of the undisputed leading Cavaradossi of the day in Jonas Kaufmann. What does he not have? Nothing it seems. In looks and acting, he is the perfect romantic hero. He even has that barytonal glow to his voice, which does make him push for the top (as Plácido Domingo always has), but has the benefits of gaining more punch to his interpretation....
Blog: Vintage Opera Collection And Library
Monday, March 30, 2009
A New "Butterfly" Takes Wing
....Jonas Kaufmann is, I think, the most interesting tenor now singing, Villazon (b. 1972) and Florez (b.1973) included. Now 40, Kaufmann has arrived at his absolute prime, and he sings a daringly broad repertoire: it includes Des Grieux in Massenet's "Manon", Jose in Bizet's "Carmen", and he's singing "Lohengrin" at the Bavarian State Opera this season. The voice is an exciting one, baritonal and commanding, but he is also able to sing at any volume level throughout his range—and he caps the love duet with a high C that any tenor would be thrilled to have, and it is an easy, large, full note that thrills the listener as well. I have not heard him in the theater, so I can't say if the voice is as large as it sounds on records; sometimes tenors, especially German-speaking tenors, have smaller voices than their recordings lead one to hope. Mr. Kaufmann's voice does not sound like a small one. He is aslo an exceptionally fine actor. Pinkerton has little to sing after Act I, and with Kauffman in the role, that is a shame. In the love duet he constantly refines his tone to match Gheorghiu, never bellows, never croons, is always inside the character, and generally covers himself with glory. If he has any fault here at all, it might be that he seems a little too much the (vocal) gentleman. Kaufmann is that great rarity among tenors, an artist of immaculate taste. There is no trace of vulgarity in his singing--he reminds me of Nicolai Gedda in this respect, who partners both de los Angeles in this role under Beecham, and Callas under von Karajan, both by 1955. This is a tenor who has also reminded me in other recordings, with his baritonal, heroic vocal stance, a little of Vickers, without that great singer's idiosyncrasies. But when I hear this singer, I see his face. Jonas Kaufmann sounds like nobody but Jonas Kaufmann, and that, for me, is the mark of the great singer. I will be sure to collect every Jonas Kaufmann recording I can find, and I hope there are many, many more. I would love to hear him as Calaf or Dick Johnson. This is a tenor with a great career before him, in fact, a singer who can choose several different paths--Italian, French, and German Fachs--or Wagner. Jonas Kaufmann as Siegmund, Tristan, Siegfried...that might be a kind of heroic dream come true. But surely there would be no more Puccini or Massenet if he chose that path. I will follow his career with fascination and enthusiasm....
Webseite: Opern-Freund
Tosca, Zürich, 29. März 2009
Mehrere Fotos von den Curtaincalls und ein Backstage-Foto
Mai Tosca alla scena più tragica fu!
Bericht über die Tosca in Zürich am  7. April 2009
"Kaufmanns lyrisch-baritonal gefärbter Tenor paßt gut sowohl zu Puccini als auch zu Magees Stimmcharakter. Er nutzte seinen beträchtlichen dynamischen Ambitus mal wieder voll aus, vom hauchdünnen, etwas artifiziellen Pianissimo in "E lucevan le stelle" zum gepflegten Vittoria-Brüller, der einen auch im 2. Rang noch gehörig föhnte."
Blog: Formalhaut
Récital de Jonas Kaufmann au Théâtre des Champs Elysées
mit Foto
Blog: Ópera e Demais Interesses (portugiesisch)
Jonas Kaufmann
Blog: Opera is magic
The French Connection - Jonas Kaufmann & Paris
Blog: Jessica Duchen's classical music blog
As for the Butterfly, it is basically gorgeous. Angela seems to get under the skin of Cio-Cio San, first decorous and enunciating delicately as the young girl, then letting rip as the tragedy develops. The utterly fabulous Kaufmann, though, rather overshadows her in the love duet...
Blog: lifeinfife
Gheorghiu and Kaufmann (Butterfly)
I’ve only listened to it through once, but already I’m hooked. What voices!
Blog: Blog de pecho (, Rubén Amón
Los diez tenores
24 de febrero de 2009.- El equipo de profesionales (¿?) que hacemos este blog no ha podido resistirse a la fiebre de encuestas, listas clasificatorias y concursos. La BBC, por ejemplo, propuso uno reciente para proclamar al mejor tenor de la historia (Plácido Domingo). Nosotros planteamos una pregunta menos ambiciosa: ¿Cuál es el más grande en activo? La respuesta no puede sustraerse al gusto personal, a la arbitrariedad ni al capricho, pero he aquí las conclusiones.

1.- Plácido Domingo. .....
2.- Juan Diego Flórez......
3.- Marcelo Álvarez.....
4.- Roberto Alagna......
5.- Jonas Kaufmann
El tenor germano es la gran revelación tardía -39 años- de nuestro tiempo. Por la presencia escénica y por la calidad vocal. La agenda le ha puesto a prueba y comienzan a multiplicársele los recitales y las óperas, pero la estrella no ha dado síntomas de flaqueza. Al contrario, Jonas Kaufmann, un tenor lírico puro, crece como su cuenta corriente.
6.- Ramón Vargas.....
7.- Rolando Villazón.....
8.- Ben Hepnner ....
9.- Vladimir Galouzine....
10.- Giuseppe Filianotti....
(11).-El banquillo .....
Blog: Mostly Opera
Carmen on DVD: Shattering Antonacci and Kaufmann in 2006 London performance
However, I am inclined not to care about these issues either as both Anna Caterina Antonacci and Jonas Kaufmann are shattering as the leads with stage chemistry and acting making this, by far, the best Carmen on DVD.....
Jonas Kaufmann superbly portraits Don José´s change from obediant, rational soldier to a virtually insane man. Though Don José really is a whimp, Jonas Kaufmann avoids making him appear as such. Vocally, it does sound like he pushes hard for the top-notes, however Plácido Domingo has always sounded like this in his seemingly endless career.
Rosenkavalier Baden-Baden, Januar 2009
Blog: Mostly Opera
Der Blogger war zwar nicht beim Rosenkavalier, aber es finden sich dort ein paar sehr gute Kommentare
Jonas Kaufmann stopped the show. At first I was a bit set back with his dark colored voice, which sounded somehow inappropriate for the role (one always imagines Pavarotti in this role). But his voice was so powerful and immaculate, that the whole scene was absolutely breathtaking.
Jonas Kauffman was in gorgeous, refulgent voice and I wished the tenor aria had been much longer. I would love to hear him as the Kaiser and as Ghermann in Pique Dame.
Zum Konzert in Athen am 15. Januar 2009
Blog: Opera is magic!
In Athens with Jonas Kaufmann
48 hours in Greece (Jonas Kaufmann at the Megaron part II)
Blog: Parsifal's
Jonas Kaufmann in Athens: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
(mit vielen Fotos)
Blog: Operainanutshell
Für alle, die Jonas Pariser Liederabend vom 9. November 2008 downloaden möchten hat Operanuts ein Geschenk auf Rapidshare geladen, zum Download einfach auf das Päckchen klicken. Es ist die Aufnahme der Rundfunksendung vom 21. Dezember 2008.
Blog: belle choses
über Fidelio, Paris
Paradoxalement le salut vient de la distribution : Angela Denoke est très belle scéniquement et très émouvante malgré quelques terribles approximations vocales, Jonas Kaufmann, tragique, lumineux subtil malgré la direction, résiste face à l'écrasant souvenir de Jon Vickers en 1982.
Blog: Jessica Duchen's classical music blog
aus Jessicas Hitliste für 2008
Singer of the year: the divine Jonas Kaufmann, whose performance at the ROH nearly renamed Puccini's most dramatic opera Cavaradossi.
Blog: La Scena Musicale
....Munich Opera Festival. This august festival dates back to 1875 - how's that for longevity! I attended the summer fest last July and had the greatest time. In the span of a week, I saw five operas and a Liederabend, starring some of the biggest stars in the opera world - Kent Nagano, Jonas Kaufmann, Diana Damrau, Angela Denoke, and Canada's own Adrianne Pieczonka....
....For me and undoubtedly all Wagnerites, the main attraction will be the festival premiere of a new production of Wagner's Lohengrin, starring German tenor Jonas Kaufmann (opening night July 5). I heard him in a Liederabend last July, and to my ears he is the best young heldentenor today. The timbre of his sound is so reminiscent of a young Jon Vickers that it is absolutely uncanny - the only difference is Kaufmann has better high notes....
vollständiger Artikel
Blog: Le Blog du Pappataci
Über Carmen
On peut retrouver Jonas Kaufmann dans la Carmen de Bizet.
Antonio Pappano dirige, Francesca Zambello est à la mise en scène.
Aux côtés d'une ensorcelante Anna Caterina Antonacci, Kaufmann est tout simplement irrésistible.
Ildebrando d'Arcangelo est un somptueux Escamillo, Norah Amsellen vient compléter la distribution.
Cette production du Covent Garden s'impose déjà comme une version de référence.
über Romantic Arias
Jonas Kaufmann n'est pas un spécialiste....
......Loin des égarements de Roberto Alagna ou de produits discographiques (Rolando Villazon en tête), le ténor allemand est aujourd'hui avec Juan Diego Florez ce que la scène lyrique internationale peut offrir de meilleur.
Un ténor racé à la santé vocale éclatante, intelligent et toujours passionnant.
On l'aura compris ce premier récital est une véritable réussite.
Blog: La verbena, El rincón de Papagena.
Últimas adquisiciones: una de lied
Über Strauss-Lieder
Blog: Cyber Classical : Proteus/Gerry Fisher
Jonas Kaufmann: The Whole Package?
über Romantic Arias
Blog: In fernem Land (katalanisch/Übersetzer)
El Florestan de Kaufmann a Paris, 28/11/08
Kaufmann ha esdevingut el Florestan dels nostres dies, doncs la seva extraordinària flexibilitat vocal, li permet abordar el temible rol amb tota la seva extensió dramàtica i musical, sent capaç d’acabar l’ària de la presó amb suficiència i després cantar amb un lirisme, impropi dels tenors més dramàtics, el duo amb Leonore.

Continuo pensant que no tan sols en el color vocal, Kaufmann recorda al gran Jon Vickers, si no que s’assimila al tenor canadenc en la seva extrema musicalitat i expressivitat.
complete article
Blog: Opera is magic!
Fidelio, between torture and delight (Jonas Kaufmann is Florestan in Paris)
... How can you not suffer when you see in front of you a human being in chains, tortured almost beyond recognition, with hands trembling at every breath? Who’s feet and arms can no longer support him and who is blinded and left there lying beneath a torturing strong and hot light, only to emphasise the darkness he feels surrounding him. Who can barely drag himself along the bars of the stairs that lead into his cell, who’s crushed body is stretched in a most unnatural and painful position. Who is so thirsty that he will collect the water he has blindly sloshed onto the floor with his fingertips from the ground. Who’s every squirming along the floor produces the chilling dragging of his metal chains along the boards. Who is violently pulled up by Pizzaro and literally catapulted with a loud thump into the wall. And who has to be supported by his friend and his wife in the end in order for his chains to be removed while he blindly touches Don Fernando’s shoulder and face in order to recognise him.

Not impressed??? Not touched? How about some divine singing while doing the above,...
complete article
Blog: Formalhaut: Fidelio (Cambreling / Simons) à l'Opéra Garnier
Sous une lampe éblouissante, le prisonnier politique est ici livré à des spasmes où l’on pressent que le passage à l’état animal est proche. Jonas Kaufmann souffle un « Gott! », non pas hurlé, mais piano pour ensuite l’enfler progressivement et le projeter dans un temps hors du commun.

Désolé pour les fans de son physique, il est ici aveugle, les yeux bandés, et il faudra attendre la fin pour voir son visage. Sa voix puissante, au médium riche, et sa passion visible du théâtre dessinent un homme déchiré qu’il faut absolument avoir vu. Le jeu, fouillé et subtile, évite toute dérive vers l’exposition de bête de foire.
complete article
Blog: I hear voices
Fidelio in Paris
...Jonas Kaufmann is also a skilled actor. He convincingly portrayed Florestan’s physical debilitation even when this involved singing difficult music in very uncomfortable positions. His opening aria, for example: he risked to attack his initial high g on almost falsetto-like mezza voce only to slowly develop it into a very dark sound fff lying on the floor with his legs crossed in a truly disturbing manner. In the ensuing aria, he sang with sensitivity and imagination and negotiated the difficult second section with unusual accuracy. At this point, any doubts about his ability to sing heroic repertoire should be dispelled....
Blog: On My Own
Jonas Kaufmann Liederabend-Opera Garnier
Hasta el domingo pasado, día 9 de Noviembre, yo no había ido jamás a un Liederabend y es mas, hasta hace muy poco tiempo ni me había planteado siquiera que pudiera gustarme. Ahora mismo, lo único que me planteo es cuando podré repetir la experiencia. Es como un viaje, si no se habla el idioma del país que se visita, ni se conoce nada de las costumbres ni de lo que hay que ver en el , lo mejor es dejarse llevar por un guía experto. Y para este mi primer viaje al territorio del lieder creo que encontré el mejor guia posible, un autentico maestro como ese que mucha gente dice haber tenido y que les inculcó no solo conocimientos sino también amor por su asignatura. Mi maestro se llama Jonas Kaufmann......
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Storytelling for grown ups by Jonas Kaufmann (place - Palais Garnier)
(Liederabend, Paris, 9. November 2008)
....His voice started soft and almost hypnotic and we followed him in a universe like in “1001 nights”, where we eagerly drank every word from his lips, fascinated by the lives and feelings of the characters he drew….This for me was the absolute magic of the night: music, score, poetry, singer merged into just one - a truly gifted storyteller....
Blog: Le Guests & Friends, Jonas Kaufmann - D'octave en sublimation...
Il nous fait rêver, chavirer, vibrer comme les cordes de sa voix sublime!!
Encore complètement éblouie par le charme de ce jeune ténor Bavarois, je ne pouvais que vous en parler. Invitée par le plus excentrique d'entre nous, j'ai assisté avec ravissement au Récital de Jonas Kaufmann qui interprétait ce soir là Liszt, Britten et Strauss avec une passion pleine de fougue et de panache.
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Blog: Operachroniques, Jonas Kaufmann, Garnier, 09/11/2008
Contre toute attente, c’est dans un Palais Garnier plein à craquer que Jonas Kaufmann a pénétré pour nous offrir ce somptueux Liederabend. Il était difficile, il est vrai, de résister au ténor le plus intéressant de sa génération et à un programme d’une rare qualité artistique et musicale....
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About Tosca, ROH, May 2008: Tosca at the Royal Opera, in dress rehearsal, 9th May 2008. Two seasons ago this production by Jonathan Kent replaced the wonderful Zeffirelli production that had served the opera house for forty years. It seems to me to have a weaker impact, and some aspects of this performance felt too contrived, as for instance when the firing squad enters and its members continue marching on the spot after reaching their spikes on the stage; perhaps this will improve in the main run. Designs were by Paul Brown with dark lighting by Mark Henderson. But my main complaint was the uneven casting. The stars of this performance were Jonas Kaufman as Cavaradossi, with Antonio Pappano as conductor. Micaela Carosi as Tosca was entirely unfit to partner Kaufman. She lost her pitch on the sustained long notes and was hopeless at creating the pathos essential to this role. Where was the anguish in Vissi d'arte? Absent. In her unaccompanied duet with Cavardossi in Act III she was no match for him at all, and while he was entirely on pitch, she was off. But he was much more than on pitch—he expressed emotion, and his rip-roaring defiance in Act II after the torture has stopped was a feat of singing I have not seen before. In Act III he started off gently, as befits the hour before dawn, and far from being yet another fat tenor singing about the stars, here we had a slim man about to be executed, stirred by the unexpected appearance of Tosca, but showing in his voice and body language that he doesn't really believe Tosca's naive expectations of a mock execution. Emotion is the wind that drives this opera, and while our soprano gave none, the orchestra fully made up for it under the excellent direction of Pappano. As for Scarpia, Paolo Gavanelli sang with suitable menace, but as this production plays him as a scruffy beast, he lacked the gravitas I'm used to seeing.
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MANON. If this was playing at the Met, I would probably go see every performance. This is just absolutely spectacular. Natalie Dessay played the title role to perfection, and Jonas Kaufman was a marvelous Des Grieux - the acting, the chemistry, the singing - it just doesn’t get any better than this.....
.....Obviously neither Dessay nor Kaufmann is a teenager as the characters they play are, but they really managed to convey the appropriate innocence that that age would have given them....
Blog: In fernem Land: A Requiem with Kaufmann and the Cedolins
Kommentar (katalanisch, automatische Übersetzung) zum Zürcher Requiem vom 15. Juni 2008 mit dem wundervollen "Ingemisco" (das ich nicht meinem Musikraum hinzufügen kann, da das Zürcher Opernhaus etwas gegen diese Art von Reklame hat)
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über Romantic Arias
JONAS KAUFMANN, impecable i emotiu
katalanisch, automatische Übersetzung
The Beacon News, Blogs
On Manon, Chicago
Lyric's 'Manon' is a dramatic, moving triumph
....Manon was perfect. Put a French lady, born to be a perfect Manon beside a good looking German tenor with a young remarkable voice and you get singing fit for the gods.

Of all the fine paired singing between Dessay and Kaufmann it was their tender last duet that brought out the most handkerchiefs in the opera house.

With such a pair of singers is it any wonder that the conductor entered into the applause after one of their superb duets with his white baton beating against an open palm.

At curtain call time, it was a love feast between the audience and the cast. All those that could physically stand up in the hall were standing and applauding. When Dessay and Kaufmann took their final bow, even those who could not stand up before miraculously stood up! Opera does not get any better than this......
She says: 'Manon' review
Returning to the main floor for the final two acts, I noted how strongly the music directs the acting. The inevitable death scene was crushing, despite that I knew it was imminent. While Des Grieux held the dying Manon, and they professed their love, a patron broke the profound silence by openly weeping. As for me, in order to not follow suit, I decided to risk hyperventilation by not breathing, and just let the tears squeeze out at will.....
Web site: The Glittering Eye
...I wasn’t prepared to be astonished at tenor Jonas Kaufman’s marvelous des Grieux. The emotion of his third act Ah! fuyez, douce image, my favorite tenor aria in the French repertoire, was simply incandescent. A very strong performance of a challenging aria.
A wonderful, wonderful production.
Web site: Real opera glasses
...Had a great time at the opera, this weekend. Saw "Manon" at the Chicago Lyric opera and I can honestly say it was the best evening I've hade since moving to Chicago. Natalie Dessay as Monon and Jonas Kaufmann as her lover, Chevalier des Grieux were incredible. Anyone still laboring under the stereotype of the 300 pound opera star, standing around and bellowing an aria should see these two. Both athletic opera stars not only sang to perfection, they moved with grace and beauty....
Blog: In the very highest raptures
Jonas Kaufmann - "Je suis seul! ... Ah! fuyez, douce image"
.....Jonas Kaufmann's singing is absolutely stunning, because his voice is one of the most dramatic I've ever heard for a tenor voice (unlike the spintos like Pavarotti, and the leggiero types like JDF). Although this aria really IS supposed to be sung by something like a haute-contre or a high tenor (a voice-texture unique, I think, to the French), the use of a large, dramatic voice like Kaufmann's only adds to the beauty and tragedy of the interpretation. Listen especially for the vocal shadings and high pianissimi....(27. Okt.)
Webseite:, A passion for opera
Jonas Kaufmann “Favorite Tenor” at SRJC (Santa Rosa Junior College)
My Fall 2008 Opera Course at Santa Rosa Junior College is titled: “The World’s Greatest Singers” during which I present a number of great Opera Stars currently on the World stages.  I’m also featuring the notable rising stars of tomorrow. The class takes a look in general at what it takes today both vocally and otherwise to become a great artist and opera star.

In the first class, I focused on the great tenors of the day (7 in all) ranging from leggero to dramatic. German tenor Jonas Kaufmann received the most votes from the 200+ students in the class.  A close second was dramatic tenor, Jose Cura and third, lyric tenor, Rolando Villazon.

Manon, Chicago
Blog: TimeoutChicago, Classical & Opera Dually swell at Lyric Opera’s Manon
.........But the singers stole the show, especially the seductive soprano Natalie Dessay as Manon and exquisite tenor Jonas Kaufmann as the betrayed Chevalier Des Grieux. My date and I both agreed that Act 3 was the evening’s money shot: a remorseful Manon pouting in front a ballet troupe led by Joffrey dancer Michael Levine masterfully conflated all the performing arts at once. In scene 2, at the chapel where Des Grieux’s pledges his life to God, we really learn that Kaufmann’s powerfully but not abrasive pipes are as good as advertised. Once Manon enters the church and pleads Des Grieux back, the anguish and fireworks really explode. Even the snowy, tragic finale in Act 5 doesn’t quite match its intensity.........
Blog, Opera is magic!: Enchanteur et Enchanteresse! (Jonas Kaufmann and Natalie Dessay in Lyric's Manon)
Hariclea wrote about the broadcast:
Jonas was simply amazing! I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, that depth and power in the voice, where it was coming from and never seemed to reach any limits. I never realised just how difficult this score is and he took me into a very special kind of vocal paradise. The lines were endless and his voice just kept flying higher and higher. There was no breathing to be heard anywhere, the voice dropped instantly from the cliffs of acuti to soft and tender waters of piani. You could hear him from within choruses, embracing with his tone the whole ensemble. And all of this done with the utmost French elegance and refinement. No French lover has ever professed love so convincingly. It was so overpowering, it almost gave me vertigo!...
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Blog, Operanuts: Fatal Attraction
war auch sehr beeindruckt und hat nicht nur diesen Würfel gebastelt.

Blog: Operachanteuse:
was there
Jonas Kaufmann singing for the first time the lovesick Des Grieux, as expected, was marvelous. Armed with that brawny voice, his Chevalier was a paragon of style, unerring musicality, and a commanding, if not outright seductive, stage presence. It takes a great amount of virility to sing D.G.'s tempestuous solo at Saint Sulpice - Kaufmann was on fire and sang with romantic abandon. The German tenor moved about the stage in a graceful, elegant stride that it left many women in the audience spellbound; a few times when he was motionless on stage, his stature evoked an aristocrat that one might see in a Bronzino portrait. He gave one of his sexiest performances. His "Ah! fuyez douce image" was like getting lost in the warmth of a golden dream, sustaining throughout a rare sense of character with brio and panache. It is in looking at Mr. Kaufmann that one notices at how vastly different an ugly face is from a beautiful one.
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El Saint Sulpice de Chicago: Dessay-Kaufmann
Guspires d’emoció han saltat aquest 27 de setembre en la inauguració de la temporada de la Lyric Opera de Chicago, amb la Manon de Massenet cantada per Nathalie Dessay i Jonas Kaufman i dirigida en la mateixa producció escènica del Liceu, pel director d’orquestra Emmanuel Villaume.

Si a l’eminent cantant francesa ja vàrem gaudir-la al Liceu, el Des Grieux de Kaufmann ha estat una absoluta sorpresa. La veu, en principi tan allunyada dels tenors lírics que canten aquest rols, s’adapta com un guant a les exigències de l’expressivitat massenetiana. Passió si, però també musicalitat i delicadesa en el Ah! Fuyez, amb pianos i reguladors, aguts resplendents i fraseig acurat. Malgrat la foscor de la veu, que semblaria el principal enemic d’un rol com aquest, Kaufmann ha demostrat una vegada més que és una absoluta revelació.
Blog: Brian Dickie - Life as General Director of Chicago Opera Theater
Über die Manon- Generalprobe am 24. September in Chicago
I can imagine, if the dress rehearsal yesterday is any indication, that the performances of Natalie Dessay (left) and Jonas Kaufmann in the Lyric's Manon will be remembered for many years. These two magnetic performers are so utterly committed to what they are doing that one is transported to a different place, and life as we know it is suspended for the time being. Wonderful - and that is what one longs for and so so rarely encounters. This must be sold out in due course - so go for the tickets now.
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Über die Manon- Generalprobe am 24. September in Chicago
I would be greatly remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing singing. Jonas Kaufmann is probably the best tenor I’ve heard in years, and when singing to Manon, you could feel the collective women in the audience swoon - the St. Sulpice duet was quite marvelous.
Blog: Opera is magic!
Hariclea berichtet unter anderem über einen besonderen Fund. Auf iTunes gibt es einen zusätzlichen "Romantic Arias" Track, der nicht auf der CD veröffentlicht wurde. Es handelt sich um  das Strauss-Lied "Cäcilie" mit Orchesterbegleitung. (Natürlich habe ich es mir gleich gekauft und kann versichern dass die iTunes Angaben stimmen, es ist wirklich Jonas und wirklich die Orchesterversion von dem Lied)
und über ihre Eindrücke als sie die Londoner Carmen DVD im ROH Shop entdeckte.
Ein besonderes Foto vom Schlussapplaus der Carmen Premiere in Zürich
Webseite:, A Passion for Opera, Santa Rosa Junior College
Jonas Kaufmann: Romantic Arias, Decca.
I first saw Kaufmann in Chicago in 2001 as Cassio in Otello. I took notice. Then the DVD of Paisiello's Nina (which I featured in the class last year) appeared from Zurich with Cecilia Bartoli. It confirmed that this is the tenor of the decade - a German tenor with an Italianate sound who knows how to act. He is the heir to all the dramatic romantic tenor roles including the Italian (Otello) German (Lohengrin) and French (Don Jose, Carmen). Oddly, he is also wonderful in the lighter bel canto - he has it all.
Videos auf
Auf Youtube gibt es einige Videos mit Jonas Kaufmann, viele davon findet ihr auch auf meiner Webseite. Auf Youtube könnt ihr die meisten finden indem ihr als Suchwort "Jonas Kaufmann" benutzt. Hier 2 Videos, die nicht so einfach zu finden sind:
"Brindisi", La Traviata, Milano 2007 (nicht viel zu erkennen, da wahrscheinlich mit einer Fotokamera aufgenommen, aber der Klang ist gar nicht einmal so übel)
"Faust" (Gounod) mit Elena Mosuc
Blog: Jessica Duchen's classical music blog
Carmen: best of the lot
But never mind the melodies, the spectacle and the toreador costumes from Seville, it's the last scene that counts the most; and Glyndebourne just can't quite match the Covent Garden production which, as performed here by Anna-Caterina Antonacci and Jonas Kaufmann, has the most powerful interpretation of it that I've ever been lucky enough to see. Voila.
(She is linking to the Youtube video of the final scene of Carmen, I used a link to the same video on my website)
Blog: Det Klassiske Hjørne
Auch die Dänen lieben "Romantiske arier"
Montpellier, Konzert, 31. Juli 2008
Hergéland, Blog
Et puis elle n' était pas seule : accompagnée par Jonas Kaufmann, un tenor allemand que je ne connaissais pas et qui a démarré un peu timidement, mais qui a pris progressivement de l' assurance, et qui a fait littéralement explosé et se lever la salle pour sa Tosca....
....Bravo le festival , bravo les 3 artistes !
Liederabend München 22. Juli 2008
Operanuts, Blog: (EIN) STRAUSS LIEDER
Boulezian, Blog: Munich Opera Festival: Jonas Kaufmann Lieder recital, 22 July 2008
La Scena Musicale, blog: Letters from Munich: Jonas Kaufmann liederabend
Mostly Opera..., Blog
Zurich Fidelio DVD: Mainly for fans of Jonas Kaufmann
Londoner Carmen 2006
Pêcheurs de perles, Blog:  ACA's Carmen
Marissabidilla, Blog: about Carmen London (La fleur que tu m'avais jetée)
Die Zürcher Carmen Fotos von den Curtain Calls 28.6.2008

und viele mehr
Operanuts, Blog: OPER IN DER FANZONE und gleich nebenan - und bald für alle
Kinderkuchen for the FBI, Blog: Carmen
Mostly Opera, Blog: Zurich: Vesselina Kasarova and Jonas Kaufmann with huge success in Carmen
Opera is magic, Blog: When Clark Kent sings like Superman…
L'ISOLA DISABITATA, Blog: Carmen Zürcher Art (juillet 2008) Oper in der Fanzone: Besser als Fussball

Dem Opernhaus ist mit der Übertragung der Carmen-Premiere in der Fanzone am Bellevue ein Coup gelungen. Der Ansturm war grösser als an manchen Vorrunden-Spielen, alle Sitzplätze wären besetzt, Hunderte von Leuten mussten stehen oder sich auf den Boden setzen.
Vollständiger Bericht
Webseite: Lebrecht, Music and Arts Pictures
Fotoserie "La Traviata" ROH, mit Wasserzeichen


Dass Jonas viele Fans unter Sängern und vor allen unter Tenören hat, ist mir bekannt. Anscheinend gehört auch Rolando Villazon dazu. Eine Freundin berichtete, dass er am 23. Mai in der Tosca Aufführung saß und wie wild applaudiert hat. In der Pause hat er Jonas in der Garderobe besucht.

und Gert schreibt in ihrem madmusingsofme blog das Folgende:
He then went on to talk about Jonas's performance as Cavaradossi, full of praise. Someone mentioned the 'Vittoria, vittoria', Rolando commented on Jonas's piano singing. I was deeply impressed by what he was saying. His praise was generous and genuine and totally ungrudging. He was speaking like a fan. I guess it would be easy for fans and critics to create some sort of 'rivalry' but I definitely didn't get that impression from Jonas either."
Blogs über Requiem, Zürich, 15. Juni 2008
Pardifal's: Cedolins, Baltsa, Kaufmann and Scandiuzzi receive a 10 minute long standing ovation!
operainanutshell: GATTI@TONHALLE ZÜRICH
Oper-Aktuell: Tonhalle Zürich: Verdi: REQUIEM, 15.6.08, 11.15 Uhr
mit Foto von Jonas und dem Blogger
jpofoz Verdi: Messa di Requiem
mit Fotolinks
Blog: operainanutshell
Blog: Jessica Duchen's classical music blog
Tosca, ROH: Tosca, or Why the Best is the Enemy of the Vaguely OK
Blog: Opera is magic!
Zu "Tosca", London (spanisch)
Blog: On my own
Zu "Tosca", London (spanisch)
Blog: Gertsamtkunstwerk
Tosca London, Cavaradossi @ ROH
Backstage Fotos
Blog: The Teenage Theatre Critic
zu "Tosca" London, ROH
Blog: Intermezzo
Tosca ROH, 12. Mai 2008
Jonas Kaufmann pwns Covent Garden's Tosca
Jonas Kaufmann on the other hand was the real thing. We all sort of knew his role debut as Cavaradossi might be pretty special - I wonder if the Royal Opera House would have been quite as packed out for a lesser tenor. But the brazen intensity of this performance was almost shocking.

It wasn't just the power - pushed to the max - or the thrilling ring to his top notes. He had the courage to make his final showpiece aria, E lucevan le stelle, conversational, almost meditative, a touching reflection on his memories of Tosca. There was tenderness and teasing humour in Qual occhio al mondo, where he drew from Carosi a human side that unfortunately failed to resurface agin later. His ability to bring something different and special to each role is what really marks him out as a performer though - there's never the slightest sense that he's repeating himself or falling back on time-proven tricks.
Auf der Webseite befinden sich 16 Fotos von der Aufzeichnung der Fernsehsendung "Götz Alsmanns Nachtmusik" (Sendung, ZDF, 16. Mai 2008)
Webseite: Indiana University
über La Traviata Met, 2007
.............I get to my seat (on the second row!) and what follows is hands down one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen.

The tenor, Jonas Kaufmann, sounded phenomenal with his dark, baritone-ish timbre, and the soprano (Krassimira Stoyanova) was absolute butter. The first act seemed to pose some problems for her… perhaps the coloratura isn't her strong point… but the second and third act had the audience on the edge of our seats. The show was actually a Franco Zeffirelli design, so the details in the sets and costumes were incredibly beautiful. It was truly a night I won't soon forget.
Ana James: 'Being a Young Artist is such a fast-track for your career.'
Who stands out for her as an example of people she's worked with who have been like that? ........ Jonas Kaufmann is somebody who stands out for me - his singing was immaculate in Carmen, and he's a very professional and warm human being. You hear a lot of great singing here. The thing about Jonas is that he's so technically secure in what he's singing that he can totally forget about it when he's onstage and just concentrate on his acting. That's what we're all striving for. Ostensibly, Don José is the most boring character in Carmen, but he came out as the most interesting. He gave him a journey through the opera..............
Blog:  Dietari operístic
über Romantic Arias
Das ist Katalanisch. Hier kann man die Sprache automatisch übersetzen
Die automatische Übersetzung ist gar nicht mal so schlecht (ich habe nur keine Ahnung was ...die Strümpfe du siehst und ein fiato... heißen soll :-).
Der letze Satz lautet "
vielleicht wird Kaufmann der Messias lang|weit angekündigt und in dem sein, was wir anfingen aufzuhören zu glauben. Ich bin immer ein Mann von wenigem Glauben gewesen... aber|jedoch ich weiß dass die Wunder von Zeit zu Zeit produziert werden."
Blog: Operachroniques
über Romantic Arias
Zu Carmen, London 2006, ein sehr ausführlicher Artikel, Eindrücke vom Video (von BBC TV, offizielle DVD noch nicht erschienen) in französischer Sprache
 À bras-le-corps

Encore une exclusivité du Bajablog !
Voici les réflexions de Caroline après qu'elle a goûté la retransmission vidéo de la récente Carmen londonienne, avec Anna Caterina Antonacci et Jonas Kaufmann, dont une commercialisation devrait intervenir pour la fin de cette année (les liens dans le texte conduisent à des extraits). Je lui cède la parole avec plaisir et gratitude.
Private Webseite: Operninfo Berlin
zu La Bohème, Staatsoper Berlin
Gestern besuchte ich die Vorstellung La Boheme in der Staatsoper unter den Linden. Vor einiger Zeit las ich in einer Opernfachzeitschrift ein Interview mit Jonas Kaufmann, das mich sehr beeindruckte und auf diesen jungen Tenor neugierig machte. Als ich dann las, dass er im Febr./März in der Staatsoper in La Boheme gastieren würde, war der Besuch einer dieser Aufführungen für mich ein Muß.....
.....Und nun zu Jonas Kaufmann als Rudolfo. Was für ein Tenor. Er ist die ideale Besetzung für diese Rolle. Er singt seinen Part mit einer stimmlich beherrschten vorzüglichen Technik und meistert jede Tonlage, vor allem auch die höheren Töne, mit Brillanz. Was für ein Ausnahmesänger. Wie ist es möglich, dass so ein Sänger mit so einer begnadeten Stimme, erst im Ausland berühmt werden muß, bevor wir ihn hier in Deutschland erst so richtig zu würdigen wissen. Wir haben auf den Besetzungslisten der Opernhäuser, besonders im italienischen Fach, überwiegend Weltklassetenöre verschiedener Nationalität, die sicher immer auch eine Bereicherung für unsere Kultur sind, aber warum hat es so lange gedauert, bis wir hier in Deutschland so ein Kleinod, wie Jonas Kaufmann es ist, für uns so richtig entdeckt haben. Aber wie sagt man so schön, es ist ja nie zu spät. Zu den sängerischen Qualitäten, die er besitzt, kommt auch noch die schauspielerische Leistung hinzu. Er hat eine ungewöhnliche Ausstrahlung und versprüht einen jugendlichen Charme und gewinnt somit spontan die Zuneigung des Publikums.
.....Hoffentlich können wir Jonas Kaufmann so schnell wie möglich wieder auf einer Berliner Opernbühne bewundern. Für mich war es ein ganz besonderes Ereignis, diesen wunderbaren, jungen Tenor, der ja auch von hervorragenden Lehrern, z.B. u.a. von Josef Metternich und James King ausgebildet wurde, zu hören. Ich hoffe, dass wir von ihm noch viel hören werden, für mich war er der beste Rudolfo, den ich in den letzten Jahren gesehen und gehört habe. Er kann jedem Vergleich mit den großen Sängern vergangener Zeiten, allen voran Luciano Pavarotti, in dieser Rolle standhalten. Bravo, Jonas Kaufmann!
Evening Standard, Fiona Maddocks, Kritik Carmen ROH mit Marcelo Álvarez:
His (M. Alvarez) Don José tends towards the two-dimensional, without the subtle vulnerability Jonas Kaufmann unforgettably brought when the production was new.
...und was meint Herr Álvarez:
She (Francesca Zambello) is a very great director and we needed to find a way of working. She had worked so well with Jonas Kaufmann [the original Don José] pushing him to be very Latin in the way he looked and acted. I do not need that as I am Latino! At the start I felt I was being asked to do things I perhaps didn’t need to be told about and that are in my nature already. Francesca Zambello and I had to get to know each other, then we changed a few little things and now I feel so much better. Zambello is great because she has given us freedom for the characters to act as they really would. I feel very good about it all now.
The Guardian, Martin Kettle: Alvarez is not much of an actor,....
Blog: leonardo/publicopera:
Cecilia Bartoli in einem Interview:  Fra i suoi progetti imminenti l’incisione della Sonnambula e, fra i sogni, interpretare la Desdemona dell’Otello rossiniano ("non il Moro come faceva la Malibran") e cantare con Jonas Kaufmann ("Perché è bravissimo. Poi è anche carino, il che non guasta").
Webseite:, Fotoarchiv
1-3, bei Dussmann, Berlin, 20.2.2008/4-8, La Traviata, London mit Anna Netrebko, die Fotos sind mit den größeren Originalen verlinkt.
Blog: Kinderkuchen for the FBI
zu Romantic Arias
Review, La clemenza di Tito, DVD
As for Jonas Kaufmann's Tito, he's so good-natured, kind and gentle that one may wonder how such a lovely person could ever become a dictator. He sounds very convincing when saying that the only benefit from being an emperor is to be able to reward people dear to him (no doubt, his beloved Sesto first of all). He’s such a cutie you can’t help but like him. Vocally, Kaufmann makes a good Tito, warm and noble-sounding, though his hefty dramatic tenor has some difficulties with Mozart’s dizzy coloraturas in Act II bravura aria ‘Se all’impero’.
Kompletter Artikel
About Romantic arias,  "Phénoménal." Kompletter Artikel
Blog: mosaїque blog: La Traviata, London, 29.1.2008
Als Deutscher im Ausland feuert man meist prinzipiell sein Vaterland an. Wir fieberten also mit und für Jonas Kaufmann. Fazit: Jetzt hat er zwei neue Fans! Go Jonas! (NB: Wie sich in der Gesangsstunde herausstellte ist auch PF ein Kaufmann Fan. Die CD mit Strauss Liedern lag auf seiner Tasche für die Autofahrt heim nach Birmingham heute nachmittag…)
Blog: dotsandyarn: La Traviata, London, 29.1.2008
Instead, we got to see the recovered Mme Netrebko and the German tenor Jonas Kaufmann. If you haven't heard of him, go a do a search on YouTube. He is amazing - and I'm not saying that because I'm rooting for my country here (which of course I am, but he IS really good). As I had a singing lesson today I found out that my singing teacher likes him as well. He showed me his Kaufmann CD with Strauss songs which was neatly packed on top of his bag for his trip up North this afternoon.
Blog: Alnwickian: La Traviata with La Netrebko, Traviata, London 26.1.2008
She was superbly partnered by Jonas Kaufmann. Is there nothing at which this tenor does not excel? I have seen him in Puccini and Wagner; he had a triumph as Don Jose in “Carmen” last season and he has won an award for singing Richard Strauss lieder!
Blog:  The Teenage Theatre Critic: La Traviata (2nd Time Lucky) Traviata, London, 29.1.2008
Jonas Kaufmann seemed to feel more comfortable performing with Netrebko. He seemed much more besotted to Violetta in Act I, and his "Di miei bollenti spiriti" was filled with joy. The same cannot be said of Hvorostovsky's replacement Andrzej Dobber, who produced a massive void of a performance. His opening aria was distressingly bad. He grew a little as the evening wore on, but he simply didn't have the firepower to keep up with Kaufman and Netrebko.
Blog: paris broadway: Traviata, London, 20. Januar 2008
Du coup, l’œuvre a d’autant plus impact qu’elle est servie par une distribution solide… et le moins qu’on puisse dire, c’est que le défi est ici relevé brillamment. Jonas Kaufmann est un bonheur permanent en Alfredo, en particulier parce qu’il joue vraiment son rôle et parce qu’il n’a aucun des maniérismes habituels des ténors “italiens”. Au contraire, il aurait presque un timbre de baryton, ce qui lui donne une “gravité” parfaite pour le rôle.
Blog: intermezzo, Traviata, London, 17. Januar 2008
And she had fine support from Jonas Kaufmann as Alfredo and Dmitri Hvorostovsky as Germont. Vocally and dramatically Kaufmann was faultless, and so hawt you could fry eggs on him. And not one second of 'underpowered' either, as some of the first night critics claimed - every note was stadium-sized. Though he remains about as Italian as Hamburger con cipolle, this is no flaw in a performance this dynamic and committed.
private Hompage, mit Berichten über Opernbesuche :
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9TH 2007 : a high-day at the Opera of Zürich. La Bohème Zürich mit Fotos
Interview mit Bildern
über Faust, Zürich 2004
Über den Faust von Jonas Kaufmann kann ich nur ins Schwärmen kommen! Sein Tamino am Anfang seiner „Zürcher Karriere“ liess mich schon aufhorchen; zwischenzeitlich allerdings beschlichen mich Befürchtungen hinsichtlich der Entwicklung seiner Stimme. Im Frühjahr hinterliess er mir jedoch als Florestan auch stimmlich einen hervorragenden Eindruck und zerstreute meine Bedenken weitestgehend. Der Faust bestätigte diese Einschätzung nachhaltig. Endlich ein Tenor, der es auch wagt, piano zu singen, die Stimme zurückzunehmen, der aber auch im Forte alles ausspielen kann. Gegenüber einem Giuseppe Sabbatini oder gar Alfredo Kraus gefällt mir diese Art, den Faust zu singen, um einiges besser, da die Stimme mehr Körper besitzt. Die beiden vorher genannten Sänger verfüg(t)en für mich über eine zu weisse Stimme, was mich bei aller technischen Perfektion immer etwas störte. Kaufmann besitzt einen baritonalen, kernigen, aber eben auch lyrischen Tenor, der sämtliche Schattierungen zulässt. Zudem sieht er gut aus und bringt auch darstellerisch alles mit, was man sich nur wünschen kann. „Salut, demeure chaste et pure“ habe ich selten so berührend gesungen gehört!
(Der Inhaber der Webseite bezeichnet seine Opernberichte als geistiges Eigentum. Nun habe ich aber festgestellt, dass seine Berichte über Fidelio 2007 und Königskinder auf OMM bzw. in der NZZ unter Angabe anderer Autoren erschienen sind. Ich enthalte mich jeglichen Kommentars, d. h. ich weiß nicht aus wessen Feder der oben zitierte Faust-Bericht stammt)
Blog: Alma Oppressa
La Traviata à Garnier (juin 07)
Jonas Kaufmann est la seule lueur du spectacle avec son timbre solaire et ses allures de jeune premier (dommage que la diction soit pateuse) mais le succès de l'oeuvre ne repose jamais sur les épaules d'Alfredo.
Webseite: La voce del Loggione
Über Liederabend, La Scala
Blog: speedysnail
Zu "Schöne Müllerin", Edinburgh, 2002
Rounded out the evening with another Festival concert, Schubert's song cycle Die schöne Müllerin (The Miller's Beautiful Daughter) performed by Jonas Kaufmann (tenor) and Helmut Deutsch (piano). A revelation; I'd never heard classical song in concert before, only ever on record or TV. It's amazing to hear a single human voice fill a huge hall without the aid of speakers and amps; rock concerts suddenly seem amateurish by comparison. And Kaufmann—who looked the part, with his big Beethoven hair—was a marvel, conveying every emotion of the songs even when every word was in German. Beautiful music; the hall wasn't as packed as Friday night, but I enjoyed this concert even more.
Blog: Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
Zu La Traviata, Met, 2006: Final Gheorghiu
Jonas Kaufmann, the Alfredo, was a good match for Gheorghiu's striking combination of understatement and intensity. My friend Sean called him "smoky," which captures the quality of the voice; more covered, more low-lying than the usual Italian tenor. Not ideal for Verdi, but refreshing.
Blog: Prima la musica, poi le parole
Zu La Traviata, Met, 2006
All the same, if there was a voice in this Traviata which, in and of itself, took my fancy, it wasn't Violetta but Jonas Kaufmann, her richly voiced and meltingly sung Alfredo. I'm not a great admirer of Alfredo, mostly but on this occasion he was rather difficult to resist, for once a plausible love-interest. .......But here both men were so excellent, their characters so well-drawn and their singing so elegant and so delectable, I was happy for once to see all three sides of the story. Not just poor Violetta - poor everyone.
Blog: parisbroadway
Zu Carmen, London 2006
Sur scène, c’est tout aussi réjouissant. L’avantage, avec des chanteurs comme Antonacci, Kaufmann et D’Arcangelo, outre qu’ils chantent tous les trois comme des dieux, c’est qu’ils sont sexy en diable, et qu’ils donnent à cette version de Carmen, avec l’aide de Francesca Zambello, une dimension hautement charnelle, voire sexuelle. Et puis, miracle, Antonacci et Kaufmann parlent et chantent le français presque sans accent : je crois que c’est la première fois de ma vie que je comprends aussi bien du français chanté.
Blog: leonardo/publicopera
Zu Traviata, Paris, 2007: La Violetta infantile di Marthaler
Mais heureusement pour lui, il se fait très largement voler la vedette par un Alfredo (Jonas Kaufmann) absolument incroyable, et une Violetta (Christine Schäfer) très émotionnelle.
Kaufmann chante vraiment bien. Dans toutes les positions : couché, porté, allongé, à l'envers. Il était extrêmement mobile sur scène avec une énergie de jeune premier.
Webseite: Opera Soirees
Zu Meistersinger Edinburgh 2006:  Edinburgh International Festival
The big surprise was Jonas Kaufmann. In a role that is usually sung by big-voiced tenors who also have in their repertoire Tristan and/or Otello, Kaufmann is an exception. He is a lyric tenor, an Alfredo, a Tamino. He sang with tonal beauty and sensitivity, the likes of which I had not previously experienced in this role. He also looked the part to perfection, which is certainly not a detriment.
Webseite: offizielle Webseite von Francesca Zambello
Carmen Fotos, darunter 2, die ich noch nicht kannte
Webseite: offizielle Webseite von Günther Groissböck
La Clemenza di Tito,  Fotos, eines davon neu und 2 größere Fotos
Blog: Kinderkuchen for the FBI
zu Fidelio Zürich 2007: Fidelio
(again someone who was in the same performance as I)
zu Strauss-Lieder CD
zu Clemenza di Tito DVD
"La Clemenza di Tito" DVD
Blog: Jessica Duchen's classical music blog
"Raising a glass at the Gramophones"
"Jose takes the cake"
"JDCMB CDs of the Year 2006"
"Do you know this man?"
Blog:  Martern Faller Aparten
La Traviata, Met 2006 (Not for fans of Angela Gheorghiu) The Met's Traviata: A hunka hunka burnin' tenor
Blog: intermezzo
"Nagano's Missa Solemnis and a new Rihm in Munich"
Blog: Oberon's Grove
La Traviata Met 2007: TRAVIATA at the Met
Blog: La grotte toute bleue au fond de l'océan
La Traviata Paris, 2007
Blog: Opera Reviews  by Dr.Andrew Byrne
La Traviata, Met 2007: New York La Traviata - Zeffirelli at his best with great singing as well
Blog: An unamplified voice
La Traviata, Met 2006: Traviata
Zauberflöte, Zürich 2007: das grosse buh der mehrbesseren
THE VOICE: 1 – Jonas Kaufmann
parterre box
Traviata, Met 2006: Starry night
private Hompage, mit Berichten über Opernbesuche :
Rigoletto With A Super-Cast In Zurich (11.01.2007) (mit Foto)
(ich war zufällig in derselben Vorstellung :-))
Blog: wellsung
Traviata, Met 2006: Don't Cry For Me, Violetta
Heinz Angehrn: (Parsifal, Zürich, April 2006) Parsifal - Faszinosum nach wie vor
Auszug: Neu begegnen konnten wir Michael Volle als Amfortas und Jonas Kaufmann in der Titelrolle. Glücklich ein Opernhaus, das aus den eigenen Reihen so hervorragend besetzen kann! Jonas Kaufmann war endlich endlich wieder einmal ein junger Parsifal mit erotischer Ausstrahlung, kein älterer und übergewichtiger Heldenbrüller, welche Wohltat.
Blog: Il grand' Inquisitor (dutch)
Jonas Kaufmann in De Munt/Die schöne Müllerin
Fierrabras in Parijs
Blog: no guru
Sympathy for the Devil, Damnation in Rom 2006
Private Webseite:
Laureto Rodoni, Review Idomeneo, Zürich, 2003, mit Fotos
Webseite des Wagnerverbandes/Saarland
Rückblick auf das Konzert zum 50 jährigen Bestehen des Wagnerverbandes
unten auf der Seite eine kleine Slideshow u.a. 3 Fotos auf denen Jonas Kaufmann abgebildet ist
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Blog: formalhaut ( Histoire de l'Opéra et vie culturelle parisienne pour fervents lecteurs)
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