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Mozart: Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Salzburg 2003
Also continuing to the last week of the month is a work by Mozart, "Die Entführung aus dem Serail." The young Norwegian director, Stefan Herheim, was flown back by the festival to "correct" his production before the performance last Sunday. Bravely he agreed not only to do that but also to face some stiff remarks at a public forum after the show.

The noisier demonstration, though, came part way through. In response to a scene in which Osmin wiggled his naked behind to the audience - though only on television - some people began booing and bellowing and would not be stopped until implored to do so. But how many recent Salzburg productions must these people have missed, to be outraged by a bare bottom?

Although Mr. Herheim plainly did want to shock, he had a lot to reveal about the Mozartian matters of couples' responsibilities, to each other and to whatever they take for higher powers. The four lovers - Iride Martinez as Konstanze, Diana Damrau as Blonde, Jonas Kaufmann as Belmonte and Dietmar Kerschbaum as Pedrillo - were all fresh and spirited, and Peter Rose, as Osmin, did even more with his menacing and beautiful voice than with other parts of his body. In the pit Ivor Bolton conducted the Mozarteum Orchestra in a keen performance, detailed, finely phrased and whole. Here was another composer who, like Mr. Henze, knew how to enjoy himself.

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