The Dallas Morning News, 31. Mai 2008
by Lawson Taitte

Romantic Arias
Tenor Jonas Kaufmann finds his voice in French, German recordings
JOINT HEIR: At 38, German-born Jonas Kaufmann is coming into his own as one of the heirs to the tenor crown soon to be passed on by Placido Domingo. Mr. Kaufmann sings a wide repertoire and has a unique sound. Though even more baritonal in timbre than Mr. Domingo, he doesn't sound like a heldentenor in waiting. The ping to his voice reminds me more of the Italian dramatic tenors – a Franco Corelli, only with good taste, perhaps?

MANY HEROES: Lots of Puccini here, and other music that has made tenors stars since the days of Caruso. Interestingly, Mr. Kaufmann does his very best work in the French arias. He'd make a sensational Faust or Werther. And, of course, the German pieces get a glamour treatment no native speaker of the languages has given them in a long time.

BOTTOM LINE: The sexiest of tenor voices – and we hear he's just as strong as an actor and a stage presence.




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